Spies Hecker

Spies Hecker is one of the largest suppliers of refinish products, it began developing paints in 1882.

From the outset, its reputation was built on the high quality of its products, technology driven-innovation and promoting a close relationship with its partners.

  • Headquarters in Cologne, Germany.
  • Present in 65 countries.
  • 55 Training Centers – worldwide.
  • Innovative refinish solutions for passenger cars, CV and industry.
  • Main car manufacturers rely on Spies Hecker paint system.
Solutions that move you forward.
  • High performance product range that cuts process times and energy costs.
  • Integrated color management tools.
  • Technical and Business Management Training that moves you forward.
  • Personal technical support.

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Permahyd HITEC 480 Basecoat System

Permahyd® Hi-TEC 480, the advanced Spies Hecker waterborne base coat, is a genuine innovation in refinishing and sets new standards in terms of simple processing, short process times and greater versatility in its applications.The Permahyd®Hi-TEC system is based on a totally new, patented hybrid technology. The futuristic mixing colours yield a particlarly uniform effect. Numerous colours are available in a more highly pigmented form in order to ensure high opacity.

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Permacron 293 Solvent Basecoat System

A two-component base coat that delivers a high quality, high gloss and weather resistant topcoat. Available in solid and metallic colors.

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Permasolid® HS Automotive Top Coat 275

Permasolid® HS Automotive Top Coat 275 is a High-Solid top coat system for solid colours. It is used for passenger car finishes. The comprehensive colour range is made possible by the special assortment of mixing colours.

  • easy to apply
  • fast drying
  • excellent top coat flow
  • VOC-compliant: below 420g/l

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Whether you’re refinishing passenger cars or commercial vehicles, we have the right product system for you with the right mixing machine. Equipped with a range of concentrated tints and binders, our mixing machine will produce the exact colour time after time.

Each product system comes with patented binders – direct gloss, basecoat, medium- or high-solids - and offers economical, high-coverage materials with concentrated levels of pigment for superb colour matching. Most systems also come with a comprehensive range of complementary products - from putties to clearcoats.

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Cromax Pro

The Cromax Pro System is waterborne paint designed for professional body shop performance. Based on cutting edge technology and formulated for optimal quality and maximum efficiencies, the Croma Pro system improves your productiviity and helps you maximise your efficiencies. Brochure attached.

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Centari is our unique, versatile and easy-to-use solventborne refinishing system. A single mixing machine supplies all solventborne paint qualities – medium- and high-solids, topcoats and basecoats – based on our proven concentrated tints technology. Centari 600 and Centari 6000 are clear-over-base paint systems, while Centari 500 is direct gloss.

Based on a single Centari MasterTint mixing machine, you can choose between medium solids, high solids, direct gloss or basecoats, depending on your requirements. Centari 5035 is our VOC-compliant, high-solids direct gloss paint system with high opacity for single application. As it meets the 2004 EU Product Directive regulations, Centari 5035 gives you maximum performance with low VOC emissions. Brochure Attached

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Syrox Basecoat System

No sweat, just glory. At its heart, Syrox is all about you, the user.

Everything – from the functional, specially-designed bottles and the comprehensive library of easy-to-access videos to the familiar application techniques – focuses on making your job simpler. No fuss, no drama, just great results. Day in, day out. Our complete, compact and easy-to-use refinish system for cars delivers an economical way to work in everyday conditions. And you get our outstanding colour competency, so you don't have to make any compromises. Not on colour and not on quality.

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SYROX Undercoat

From a special adhesion promoter for plastic parts, to sanding surfacers in light and dark grey which can be mixed together to create further grey shades for optimal topcoat coverage. And there is a special flexible additive, which provides another option for plastic repairs, and a non-sanding converter.

SYROX Basecoat

And that means easy, familiar application methods and great results. The specially-designed bottles only need to be shaken by hand before use. And with their special dosing lids and level indicator window, refinishers can use every last drop of material.

SYROX Clearcoat

One is designed to give users flexibility in use with a great final appearance. The second has been designed for air-drying, and it’s also suited to small and medium repairs. Both clears can be used with a special flexible additive when working on plastic substrates. There is also a range of clearcoat tints for use with both clears, formulated for repairing special OEM colours.


Duxone® consists of dependable, all-round ancilliary paint products specifically developed for bodyshops seeking value for money. Duxone's competitive refinish range, includes thinners, hardeners, primers and clears.

Made in Australia for Australian conditions, our products stand for consistent quality and durability, where you won't have to worry about compatibility with alternative products. Because we are part of Axalta Coating Systems, the world leader in paints and coatings, the Duxone® brand is your guarantee of the best value for money with the following benefits:

  • Exellent gloss
  • Versatility - suitable for full re-sprays and panel repairs
  • Simple 2:1 mixing ratio
  • No reducer required
  • Excellent cure after baking

...See for yourself why it outperforms the others...

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Duxone® Plus 2K Clear

  • Excellent gloss off the gun, maintains gloss overnight
  • Versatility - suitable for full re-sprays and panel repair
  • Simple 2:1 mixing ratio. No reducer required

Duxone® Plus 2K Premier

  • High film build
  • Excellent sanding qualities
  • Versatility - depending on reduction levels, can be used as a filling primer at 4:1 with no reducer or a primer surfacer at 20% reduction

Duxone® Plus 2K Hardener

  • Excellent cure
  • Improved quality
  • Built in UV stability

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