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GA’s initial company strategy in 1999 was based on targeting the Automotive Refinish sector of the repair industry with Akzo Nobel products. GA’s focus was to grow what would be effectively the core part our business, selling wet paint products in the industry sector.

With this in mind we required to initially establish ourselves within the industry as a reputable business to deal with, by selling quality products, providing superior service and technical support to our valued customers. Within two years of our incorporation we had developed and managed a core group of valued customers which effectively were the foundation of our growth over the coming years.

By 2004 Global had established itself as a major distribution partner within the industry. GA set out financial targets over the coming 5 years to double its turnover. We did this thru increasing our sales force and more importantly our technical representatives within the field. GA’s attention was not only to focus on new business, but also focus on retaining existing business.

By 2009 GA had achieved its financial goals set and in turn invested in a state of the art training facility to continue to support our valued customer base. As GA had strengthened its core business, we then set out to provide the industry with other adjacent opportunities such as the acquisition of the Car-o-liner agency in WA, and also had built a strong business relationship with Mark Williams from Lowbake Ovens for this region and have recently secured the agency for NitroTherm in Western Australia.

Global Autocoat is in the process of transition with its core business and have forged a new business relationship with Axalta Spies Hecker products in WA. We commenced our business relationship initially in the beginning of 2015 purely with Nason Industrial range of products, and honestly were impressed with the total transparency and professionalism Axalta conducted there business dealings with its distributors this was a breath of fresh air!.

Over the months leading up to the end of the 2015 year we had been focused on converting our existing customer base over to this new and innovative line of products predominantly Spies Hecker Hitec. Our installations/conversions of our core customer base has taken place with great success. We have converted 80% of our customer base to Hitec in just over 3 months. In 2016 GA will be implementing a new strategy with Axalta our supply partners.

Global Autocoat Pty. Ltd will continue to focus on providing quality products, superior service and technical support to our valued customers.


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