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Car-O-Liner is the leading global provider of high-quality, technologically-advanced collision repair equipment to the automotive aftermarket. For more than forty years, we have supplied the industry with innovative solutions, technical development, training and customer support. We are dedicated to creating substantial value that enables customers to improve their operations.

Alignment Systems


Quick Benefits for your Bottom Line

Quick 42 is a phenomenal, multi-functional bench designed to manage every type of damage productively and accurately. When used together with one of the Car-O-Tronic Measuring Systems and the EVO Universal Anchoring and Holding Fixture System, Quick 42 easily handles not only cosmetic but also structural repairs of damaged vehicles.

Quick repair process guaranteed

Fast set-up, easy access, on-wheels measuring, quick anchoring and adjustable working height are some of the Quick 42 features that measurably decrease repair time. Cosmetic repairs can be made while the vehicle is still on its wheels. And if structural damage is discovered, the repairs can begin immediately without changing benches.

That’s efficiency.

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Rack Up Your Profits with BenchRack

A truly universal and versatile addition to any body shop - the BenchRack systems are designed to hold and lift virtually any type of uni-body or full frame vehicle. The unsurpassable BenchRack combines drive-on convenience with a hydraulic lift and removable ramps. Add the tilt feature, which makes loading easier when approach space is limited, and you have a repair bench that can handle everything from slight cosmetic work to full-frame repairs.

Efficiency at its best

With BenchRack, you may lift the vehicle when loaded on the ramps or lift the frame on chassis pads leaving the wheels and wheel wells free. All repair and service operations can be performed quickly and effectively using a single set-up. You avoid the unnecessary interruptions that arise when moving the car between different work stations.

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Light, but not a lightweight

Speed is one of the most effective lighter weight benches on the market. Packing a 5-ton draw aligner with 2,500 kgs (5,500 lbs.) of lifting capacity, there isn't much that this bench can't tackle in the way of cosmetic damage repair. Speed’s convenient draw aligner can be turned 180º around the platform at one end and tilted 90º horizontally. Once pulling begins, the draw aligner finds the correct position. For more pulling power there is the Speed Plus bench, which allows for the attachment of two draw aligners, one at either end.

Versatility improves workflow

Realign cosmetic sheet metal damage and perform other repair and service operations in a single setup with Speed. The Speed alignment bench improves the workflow in your shop as the movement of the car between work stations is not necessary. This increases efficiency and improves turnaround time and profits benefitting the work shop as well as insurers and vehicle owners.

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Mark 6

Car-O-Liner’s Mark 6 bench is designed around the idea that the more flexible a collision repair system is, the more productive it will be.

With a series of configurations to choose from, Mark 6 offers flexibility in getting the combination of equipment best suited to your business.

Drive-on capability reduces cycle times

Mark 6 is a mobile bench system with the added convenience of drive-on mounting. Simply roll/drive the car over the lifting platform (minimum height is 200 mm). Moreover, the vehicle may be quickly raised to the most comfortable height (up to 1362 mm) for each repair operation. These ergonomic features increase efficiency and offer a productive working environment for the technicians.

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Performance Track 2500

Performance Track is a floor based collision repair system. It is both affordable and space efficient and thereby ideal for shops where space cannot permanently be dedicated to a conventional bench system. It can also add additional pulling capability to your shop when you need it.

Quick and easy to install features

Install the track plate sections in the configuration best suited to your needs. A powerful and flexible 10-ton pulling tower provides 360o pulling access.

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Bench Systems Guide

Not sure which Car-O-Liner alignment bench is right for your body shop?

Here is a quick overview of the functions and features of our benches: Quick 42, BenchRack, Mark 6 and Speed. At Car-O-Liner you’re sure to find the perfect bench to give you easy set-up, quick diagnosis and fast repairs – everything you need to increase your profits!

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B73 Truck Clamping

Hold on to more business

The Car-O-Liner Truck Clamping and Support System lets you anchor and repair every compact truck, pickup, van and sport utility vehicle on the road – with holding power that far exceeds pulling requirements. It’s an ideal companion to the BenchRack and Mark systems, and has set new industry standards for full-frame repairs.

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B110 Chassis clamp

  • The B110 Chassis Clamp fits all bench mountings, both for BenchRack and for Mark 6/Compact.
  • Double segments, hardened and toothed, provide a secure grip on the sill.
  • The specially treated surface prevents the clamp from gliding on the bench mounting

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B310 Bench mounting

The B310 Bench Mounting for the Mark I-IV, Mark 5 - Mark 6 and Compact bench systems features click-in mounting. The bench mounting is placed in the proper position directly with only two bolts remaining to be tightened, making the B310 quick and easy to install and remove.

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T10-11 Universal Clamping Kits

Versatile, universal clamp system with accessories

  • Time saving due to its wide range of use
  • Unique design allows you to set up and pull from almost any angle around the vehicle
  • The multi-purpose clamps grip tight to save time and energy
  • T10 & T11 both have replaceable jaws

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