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Car-O-Liner is the leading global provider of high-quality, technologically-advanced collision repair equipment to the automotive aftermarket. For more than forty years, we have supplied the industry with innovative solutions, technical development, training and customer support. We are dedicated to creating substantial value that enables customers to improve their operations.

A LEAN innovative work cell to enhance productivity and profitability

Your collision repair workshop’s internal and external environment plays an important role in the overall quality experience. It is here that the public image of your workshop is formed. With WorkShop Solutions and EC Design you can develop a workshop that is professional, efficient and safe. Your customers will immediately feel the professionalism and quality of your shop, the technicians and the work performed there.

Boost Efficiency On The Shop Floor

Brilliant Solutions SEMA.jpgFocusing on ergonomics, safety, job quality and efficiency will improve just about any situation. When it comes to the body shop, providing technicians with an enhanced shop environment will not only make them feel better, but will increase their productivity.

EC Design

Swedish innovation

Ecdesign is the new leading space planning solution for the automotive aftermarket. With Ecdesign it is possible to quickly plan and visualize repair shops in 3D without having to use complicated CAD solutions. Ecdesign includes over 2000+ bodyshop 3D models, helping you create detailed body shop designs and presentations is the new leading space planning solution for the automotive aftermarket.

The latest version, Ecdesign 4.5 supports the new VR technology from Oculus Rift. Experience your 3D layouts in a truly new way. The user will be able to literally step into the finished layout. Create the layout in 2D - Planning of the body shop facility is done in very user friendly top view 2D.

Visualize in 3D - With Ecdesing 4.5 you get 360o walk-through videos and image samples. At any moment instantly visualize and analyze the results in a real-time 3D scene. Stunning 360o videos can be viewed with VR headsets such as GEAR VR and Google Cardboard. Quickly discover any bottlenecks which need correcting prior to construction.

Instant, complete presentation - Ecdesign can automatically build you a custom floor plan presentation, including 2D drawing, 3D images and specification documents can be saved and printed at the click of a button.

Instant quotations - Based on the products used in a scene, quotations can be automatically created. This feature will minimize the sales process time and increase the amount of quotations created.


Introducing - Brilliant Solutions Work Bay LED Curtains

Aluminum vehicles undergoing repairs must be able to be separated from vehicles undergoing steel repairs in order to prevent cross-contamination from compromising the repair. Car-O-Liner is developing a new aluminum work bay curtain, Brilliant Solutions* (as seen at SEMA). These curtains feature 4 LED horizontally mounted light ropes and a welding view panel. Protect your repair and get extra working light.

Create unique bays that meet your body shop's needs. Customer's move about in your body shop more than ever before. With WorkShop Solutions you create not only a safe environment for your guests but also give a professional image. This in turn gives your customers increased confidence in your work and increased profits for your business.

  • Clearly define work areas
  • Easy to move around as needed
  • Creates a professional atmosphere


Adaptable! That's WorkShop Solutions

WorkShop Solutions wide variety of wall sections allow for space saving flexibility.This modular system can be expanded and reworked in order to meet just your workshop's needs.

  • Wall sections that allow for unique configurations to meet your space requirement needs
  • Even more flexibility via the free-standing lower walls that may easily be moved around the shop
  • Tool boards with silhouettes help keep your tools organized
  • Super easy to attach/detach and move walls panels and shelves from walls to tool wagons
  • Cabinets on wheels that you can move around to where they are best needed, when they are needed
  • Shelves in varying lengths and widths
  • A wide variety of hooks and holders


Optimize body shop performance while delivering a professional image!

WorkShop Solutions offers a range of tool boards that allow you to create unique work bays that meet your space requirements. Tool Boards with parts silhouettes (for EVO) ensure that tools are returned to their proper location.

Our wide variety of shelves, hooks and holders ensures that you can hang all your tools on your walls, keeping your shop both organized and effective.

Tool Wagons

Tools are organized and handy

The wall panels and shelves are easily mounted on our tool wagons as well. And, they can be reconfigured as needed.

  • Keeps tools organized and at hand at all times
  • Optimizes efficiency in the body shop
  • Easy to exchange one wall panel for another

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