Capital Equipment

Mixing Rooms

Lowbake is the leading manufacturer of spray booths and baking ovens in Australia, using the latest technology and services available. This means our customers can have the confidence that their new purchase follows all standards as set by government regulatory authorities, and follow all occupational health and safety guidelines.

All products are designed using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to any specifications that our customers require, allowing us to produce accurate and efficient layouts and designs for our customers. This leads to efficient installations, and any modifications, large or small, can be made immediately with little ease. This leads to minimal downtime during the installation phase and reduces disruptions to your business, reducing costs. On top of this, Lowbake has many distributors across Australia and the Pacific, including Asia, which means we provide full servicing and installation of all products nationwide.

Vacuum Systems

ECO 55

Applications: Side-channel blower units. Systems designed to take in dust resulting from sanding primer and fillers during surface treatment. They feature a cartridge filter cleaned by a timed pneumatic rotary nozzle. Dust is taken in and conveyed to a nylon bag which is very easy to remove ensuring ease of duct collection. The machine features a device for real-time check of the cartridge efficiency.


Application: This model is designed to take in dust resulting from sanding of primer and fillers.It comes with a 6m arm, together with SR 1 service control unit and accessories kit for installation. Vacuum turbines feature dry operation so any maintenance is limited. Compact design motor unit: directly coupled, enclosed and with external surface ventilation. Automatic filter cleaning system with programmable time settings. Dust collector with nylon bag is easy to remove. The machine framework is steel coated with epoxy enamel paint. A version with suction unit automatic start-up directly by the tools is also available.

Boom Arm + Dust Extraction

The Lowbake Boom and Turbine Sanding System is the ideal solution for dry sanding in your workshop. The system consists of a 6 meter articulated boom arm connected to a powerful Turbine dust filter system.

The mobile service arm, which houses the wiring and hoses for the different work units, allows the control unit to be moved to different work zones. Installation carried out at an above-ground height of 3 metres, is considerably simplified thanks to an attachment hinge that allows this to be adopted across a vast range of factory layouts. The highly reliable extraction unit with the side channel blower system, specially designed to extract the dust generated by dry sanding of fillers and plasters; a friction-free and wear-free operating process minimises maintenance and ensures outstanding reliability. The turbine dust filter system captures the dust in a filtration cartridge, which is cleaned by automated pneumatic system.


  • Mobile service arm
  • Steel structure
  • Movable work station
  • Extremely versatile unit
  • Houses wiring and hoses
  • Duct extractor
  • Filtration cartridge
  • Low maintenance
  • Outstanding reliability
  • Extraction unit
  • Automated pneumatic system
  • Uses a nylon bag to capture dust
  • Automated air pulse filter cleaning system

Ducted Turbine Sanding System

The Lowbake solution for the ultimate in high efficient dry sanding operations is to install a dedicated Turbine Ducted Sanding Station.

These units can be installed in a shop, dedicated work bays or preparation areas. They provide easy access to sanders and services without time wasted in searching for equipment or power. Each system is engineered to accommodate a variety of tools and processes. These stations give the user more freedom, enabling the equipment operator to maneuver around difficult areas. The system has a single turbine with reverse pulse air filter cleaning for ease of maintenance.


  • Powerful extraction
  • Auto stop/start
  • Easy clean filter
  • Reverse pulse filter clean
  • Super quiet operating
  • Micro dust particles
  • Exhausted throughout
  • Ergonomic power and air connection
  • Wall plate with hose
  • Hangers and services

In Ground Lift

These lifts are economical and effective for vehicle lifting and designed for use in spraybooths and preparation areas.

Prior to lifting, arms are swung from the upper platform of the lift. These side arms rest beneath the car sills and support the vehicle while it is airborne. The lift has 2 cylinders for maximum safety and an ‘increased capacity powered’ pneumatic pump.


  • Capacity 3,000kg
  • In ground lift
  • Lift with Rubber Blocks
  • Lift with wheel lifter supports
  • Pneumatic remote control box
  • Can be installed in spraybooths
  • Can be installed in preparation Bays
  • Finishing areas
  • Assembling / disassembling areas
  • Electrohydraulic model available
  • Remote control magnetic push button panel
  • Automatic device for opening and closing of the lifting arms available

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