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Eurosider’s® patented NITROTHERM® SPRAY system is a revolution in coating application technology. By introducing fundamental principles and application control, unavailable with normal compressed air, NITROTHERM® SPRAY gives users unprecedented control over, and results from, the coating process.

Using the principle of selective permeation, NITROTHERM® SPRAY concentrates nitrogen contained compressed air for use as the fluid carrier. Fluid temperature control and ionising further enhance the inherent performance advantages of nitrogen.

Nitrogen is inert and anhydrous and NITROTHERM® SPRAY, with its fluid carrier temperature control, enables constant humidity and temperature values: two previously uncontrolled variables. Application conditions can therefore be controlled and consistent all day and in all seasons.

NITROTHERM® SPRAY generates significant saving of coating materials, reduction of overspray and rebounding paint, cleaner working environment, improvements in finish and reduction in application time. Return on Investment (ROI) is generally measured in months.



  • Minimum 20-30% savings of coating materials
  • Significant reduction of overspray
  • Less maintenance of booths and booth filters
  • Improved yield


  • Increase of paint transfer efficiency
  • Easy “wet on wet” application (consecutive application of two or more coats)
  • Application time reduction by 30-40%
  • Consistent performance regardless of time of day or season


  • Uniform thickness and gloss
  • Haze and streaks reduction
  • Improved lay down of metal colours and DOI (Distinctness of Image)
  • Control of sagging, orange peel and distension
  • Much lower atomising and shaping pressure


  • Reduction of VOC
  • Improvement of working environment conditions

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