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YASHIMA reliability has a proven track record.

YASHIMA is an exclusive brand which uses the latest technology by taking the most up to date theories and putting them into practice, while ensuring the highest level of reliability.

YASHIMA’s products are used by major Japanese car manufacturers and insurance companies’ training institutes. Today it’s not just training institutes who are using our machines, any body shop that cares about quality is quickly adopting YASHIMA as their welder of choice.

YASHIMA has the highest market share in water cooled welders with the ability to set welding conditions.

YCS-20E Aluminum Welder

YS-20 C-Boy is designed for aluminium dent pulling and can also be used with steel studs for welding to UHSS panels with no or very little heat applied to the panels. The welder is very easy to use and is controlled by one knob to adjust weld power. The welder auto detects the line voltage between 110 VAC - 240 VAC.

Stud system in the new times which were specialised to "new material compatible", saying "the quality".

  • Restrain a heat input to high-strength-steel.
  • Prevent from the burnout of the panel back.
  • Can be applied aluminium panel.

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YCS-30 Stud Welder

For single sided welding of maximum 0.3mm (27 ga.) stainless steel. Also performs Heat Shrinking, Dent Pulling, Hole Filling, Nut & Bolt Welding, and Restoring High Spots. Complete with an electrode-tipped slide hammer for quick dent removal, tips for washer welding and shrinkage, a carbon rod and a portable trolley for easy mobility.

High Quality Welding at a Reasonable Price!

  • Hand welder
  • Superior stud welding machine
  • Light and compact design
  • Minimal welding heat damage to base metal
  • Sufficient power to operate the direct puller

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YS-50 Wonder Welder

High Quality Welder at Reasonable Price!

  • Manual or Auto start welding functions to suit the working conditions
  • Minimal welding heat damage to base metal
  • Single sided welding up to 0.5mm thickness of steel or stainless steel
  • Seam welding with rolling tip
  • Flexible cables for improved maneuverability

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Intelligent TACTICS QC - YSI-20D Ver 2

The YSI-20D Ver.2 brings car manufacture quality to your Body Shop

Main Features

  • Sufficient output power (8,500A & 350daN) for HSS panel replacement
  • The QC software provides a simple and reliable way to set welding conditions.
  • Weight:76kg Lighter and compact body for saving space
  • Sufficient spot welding frequency for quarter panel welding
  • Water cooled welding guns and inverter unit
  • Air cooled output cables

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