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5 Steps to a Colour Library with Phoenix

Colour library’s are considered best practise within the paint process of your business. Having a colour library ensures thru-put and productivity within the paint process and eventually eliminates technicians spending time doing test card after test card.

1. Colour Search

Choose the formula from Phoenix's database or using a spectrophotometer. The manufacturer and colour code are entered to allow the software to find the ideal formula or blended match.

2. Formula Results

The results of your colour search will be shown

3. Mix Colour and Spray Panel

After the formula is weighed using the scale (pouring accuracy is important), mix the colour making sure you stir the mixture properly. Spray colour onto the spray out card using the same painting process on the card as you are going to use on the vehicle. Compare the spray out card to the colour on the vehicle to confirm accuracy of the match.

4. Save Formula

With the formula identified click 'Copy' to save as a personal formula. Change the header details, if needed and click 'Save'. Print/write the chosen formula on the back of the spray out card.
Personal Formuals are Your Responsibility!

5. Filing Colour Panels

Once you have applied a clear coat onto the panel and have let it cure, file the panel under manufacturer and colour code in your unique colour library storage system.

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